RezSMS are focussed on keeping SMS prices as low as possible. We rather encourage high volume use than premium prices.

This sms credits will allow you to send cheap SMSs from anywhere in the world to South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Mozambique. Making RezSMS the most affordable method of sending SMSs over the border.

General PackagesSMS CreditsPrice (Incl.)
12 SMS Credits @ 80c Each12R 10.00Buy!
50 SMS Credits @ 40c Each50R 20.00Buy!
100 SMS Credits @ 30c Each100R 30.00Buy!
167 SMS Credits @ 30c Each167R 50.00Buy!
333 SMS Credits @ 30c Each333R 100.00Buy!
500 SMS Credits @ 30c Each500R 150.00Buy!
1000 SMS Credits @ 29c Each1000R 290.00Buy!
1035 SMS Credits @ 29c Each1035R 300.00Buy!
1725 SMS Credits @ 29c Each1725R 500.00Buy!
3449 SMS Credits @ 29c Each3450R 1,000.00Buy!
5000 SMS Credits @ 28c Each5000R 1,400.00Buy!
7143 SMS Credits @ 28c Each7143R 2,000.00Buy!
7500 SMS Credits @ 28c Each7500R 2,100.00Buy!
10000 SMS Credits @ 27c Each10000R 2,700.00Buy!
15000 SMS Credits @ 27c Each15000R 4,050.00Buy!
  • All Prices Inc. VAT @ 15%
  • Prices may change without prior notice.
  • This prices are live from our system.