RezSMS has work hard to improve on the way traditional SMS sites work. We wanted to develop a site that would be so enjoyable to use, you would not want to close it! To give you a glimpse of what you can expect from sending a SMS message with us look at the following. And it doesn't stop here; we will constantly be adding new perks to improve your stay.

Advance Login

Login Preview Right from the login the action starts! Our advance login system has the standard option to remember your details so next time you don't need to enter them to log in. This is very useful if you want to bookmark a page inside your members' area, and don't like to enter your log-in details every time.

But if you use a public or shared PC this is not really what you want. Because then anyone can access your account and use your credits. But don't let this come in the way of bookmarking. You can still bookmark any page you like, and next time when you try to open your bookmark we will detect you have not logged in, allow you to do so, and then take you back to where you wanted to go.

The other nice feature of our login system is that you can log in with your mobile number in International Format or Local format. So you don't need to remember how you entered it when you registered.

Bookmark Friendly

Login Preview The complete site is bookmarking friendly. All the navigation that happens inside the members' area is handled with URLs, so if you for instance click on a SMS Contact link, and save the next page as a bookmark; it will always select that contact when it opens the SMS Contact page.

Tip: If you would like to be able to quickly jump to the RezSMS SMS Group, SMS Contact or SMS Number page, you can just bookmark them! If you use the "Remember Me" option you won't even need to log in first, but if you don't use this option, the login system will still remember where you were going and take you there right after you logged in.

Overview Homepage

Overview Preview You will be able to get a complete overview of what you have done on the site right after logging in. We have taken all the necessary info and added them to the overview page.

You are showed the following:

  • If you have unsent messages,
  • if you are running low on credits,
  • what your current account balance is,
  • if you still need to verify your mobile number, and
  • other statistics like: total SMS messages sent/saved, total contacts and total groups

On this same page you will also see the last 10 messages you have sent so you can quickly view their status.

The page also shows you your mostly used contacts and groups, with quick links to send a message to them.

Comprehensive Account Management

Account Preview Know what is happening on your account. You will be able to view past purchases and the status of each purchase. You can cancel purchases if you made a mistake.

Account Preview You can now see when we recognise payments made by you, and if you like to pay in advance you may now do so, your payment will not be "lost" or "forgotten" as all is summarised on your account.

Multiple Mobile Numbers

We have noticed that people don't just have one cellphone. This creates a new type of problem where it's difficult to keep track of what mobile number you have used to log in.

Another situation that starts to exist is that you sometimes want replies to be send to a different phone than your primary phone. This may be because the SMS is a matter of business and not private, or you visit oversees and need to receive your replies there.

With RezSMS you can enter all your mobile numbers that you own. You will then be free to log in with any one you own, and they all work with the same password. You can also choose whether to use the logged in number for replies or a fixed number.