RezSMS - Short Message Service

The simple and fast way to get started on sending cheap single or bulk SMS messages to multiple or single recipients. We not only support South Africa, but also Lesotho, Botswana and Mozambique.

The idea behind RezSMS came from the need for a simple straight to the point SMS service, where you can create an account, buy SMS credits instantly and start sending right away.

RezSMS focuses on one thing: Sending a SMS. It doesn't matter if it is bulk sms or a single sms, our goal is to give you an easy and quick way to organize a party of 5 or 500! We know what a hassle it is to type a message on your phone and send it one by one to each of the persons you have in mind. Not even mentioning the stress of forgetting someone, and then later taking the beating for doing so! Or you "thought" you sent the SMS message to that person, and later phones him to find out you forgot.

With RezSMS you can easily create a group out of your friends, direct family members, distant family members, work colleagues, your braai buddies or your Saturday friendly golf game partners.

Maybe you’re in charge of a swimming team, a catering team or the next Saturday’s braai! With RezSMS you can now easily send a text message to all of the members. But it shouldn't stop there, if you just don't feel like pulling out your phone and typing a message on the little keypad just log into RezSMS and use your keyboard.

Send SMS Messages to South Africa! You may think that you only need this type of service once in a season, no problem! Your credits will never expire (unlike traditional SMS bundles) and you are free to use them whenever you need to. If you cannot think of any other reason to use your credits, why not send a nice "Merry Christmas" message to all your family members?

Benefits of RezSMS:

  1. Extremely low priced, comparable to Bulk SMS sites!
  2. Quick setup and can start sending immediately!
  3. No need to provide credit card details, we accept electronic payments to buy credits!
  4. Credits will NEVER expire. Unlike traditional SMS bundles.

Give it a try! You have nothing to lose!